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Ministers have the great responsibility of communicating a message God has birthed in their hearts. For most ministers, this message can only be communicated from the pulpit through speaking in a public setting. But what happens to the message once it’s been shared in a church or seminar? It has no place else to go unless it has been duplicated through an audio or print medium. Audio media like CD’s and TV / Internet broadcasts are excellent for hearing a message; but print media has the capability of being digested into the heart of the reader one page at a time. Through print, your God-breathed message will last a lifetime.

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As a freelance writer / editor, my vision is to help ministers effectively communicate their message with excellence on the printed page. Producing quality copy for a newsletter, brochure, magazine article, or book is an art form requiring a combination of professional skills and spiritual sensitivity. My desire is to help ministers expand the reach of their message while maintaining a high standard of copywriting and editing. With the help of the Holy Spirit, I believe your printed publication can become an anointed tool to reach the hearts of people and minister to their needs.